Thursday, October 28, 2010


Okay guys so I opened this blog, ooooh.. about a year ago and didn't post anything! So here's to wishful thinking that I can keep up with it.  I have a channel on youtube, so I hope your checking that out too.  My goal is to save you and me money especially on  fun things like beauty products.  I incourage not to pay full price (yes I do every once in a while), use coupons, sign up for all your fav. stores websites, request free samples, and get as much free stuff as you can.  Hope you will enjoy doing this as much as I do.  You really feel a rush when you get $50 worth of product for $10. So yeah my channel is changing a bit, because of requests that I do get from my viewers.  So, more of the weekly deals and stuff like that will be here. I'm still a thrifty shopper! I hope you guys enjoy!
Love. Gina