Monday, July 30, 2012

A family night in on Ralph's !

Now I know I usually post beauty bargains and ideas, but my channel and blog are dedicated to beauty & LIFE on a budget. This is just another way to save. Thanks to being a buzzagent I was chosen to try out some food from the Kroger brand. I was sent a box filled with tortilla chips, a vitamin water drink, 20% off coupons for future shopping, and vouchers for a free frozen pizza and Popsicles. Since the theme is family night we decided to do dinner and a movie at home. The pepperoni pizza far exceeded what I thought the pizza was going to be like. It was crispy,cheesy, and tasty. Some major brands I can't even say that for. The chips were good and I made a quick little dip to go with them. I'm not big on vitamin drinks, but it did have good flavor pomegranate cherry . Now I didn't get a chance to try the lime popsicles we got, but I'm assuming they were good because they were gone quick. Over all I was really happy I decided to do this campaign and am really impressed with the Ralph's store brand. Sign-up to bee a bzzagent! They have so many different campaigns for everyone, you don't have to be a blogger or blogger, just have internet access. It's free!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nails of the Week-New Line Circus

I received this polish by Andrea's Choice, a YouTube Beauty guru, thru MyGlam sample service. From what I've seen of the collection all the colors seem opaque, creamy, and bright. It seems every time I'm about to cancel MyGlam, they drag me back in.
I'm wearing one base coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White, a great white my daughter originally picked for herself. Then I put two coats of Circus Somersault, a opaque, gorgeous, primary yellow (never thought I'd say that.) On my accent nail I have two coats of Esssie Set in Stone, a perfect silver glitter with large and small pieces. These days I can't seem to live without a accent nail, its just such an easy way to do a cool design without taking the chance of messing up all my nails.
Happy Painting!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Impress Nails Manicure

I recieved Impress Nails by Broadway Nails in my mom voxbox from Influenster. I've got to say first off I'm not into fake nails of any kind. I'm also allergic to acrylics. But I have to say these nails have impressed me, no pun intended. They're super easy to use just clean nails with prep pad then peel and stick. The nails almost look natural and the color looks like actual nail polish. They are great for anyone busy and want a quick good looking manicure.  The only negative is that I have wide nail beds so some were hard to pick the right size. Go try and snag a voxbox for yourself from Influenster .
Happy Foe Painting !

Makeup Brush Cleaning Magic With Ivory Soap

Influenster and Ivory soap teamed up for this summers MOM VOXBOX. I received a full size Ivory soap and cut a small piece off to clean my foundation makeup brush. I forgot how clean and fresh smelling Ivory is. I used my little piece to work up a lather in my hand and it cleaned the brush nice and quickly back to white. I let it dry over night and it was clean and soft. Now I think I will be cleaning my brushes more often. Try it out! Also check out influenster and earn your own voxbox!
Happy Sampling!

Nails of the Week-Color Blocking

I saw this look in Cosmopolitan and wanted to give it a try with my own twist. Base is two coats of Sinful Colors in Hazard, a work cone orange. The tips are also two coats in Milani Pink Pop a cute bright, but not overly bright pink. Let your base coat dry a little before you paint the tips. The design on my ring fingers is painted the opposite with a orange heart at the tip. The glitter on top is one coat of Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter.
Happy Painting! Gina