Monday, July 30, 2012

A family night in on Ralph's !

Now I know I usually post beauty bargains and ideas, but my channel and blog are dedicated to beauty & LIFE on a budget. This is just another way to save. Thanks to being a buzzagent I was chosen to try out some food from the Kroger brand. I was sent a box filled with tortilla chips, a vitamin water drink, 20% off coupons for future shopping, and vouchers for a free frozen pizza and Popsicles. Since the theme is family night we decided to do dinner and a movie at home. The pepperoni pizza far exceeded what I thought the pizza was going to be like. It was crispy,cheesy, and tasty. Some major brands I can't even say that for. The chips were good and I made a quick little dip to go with them. I'm not big on vitamin drinks, but it did have good flavor pomegranate cherry . Now I didn't get a chance to try the lime popsicles we got, but I'm assuming they were good because they were gone quick. Over all I was really happy I decided to do this campaign and am really impressed with the Ralph's store brand. Sign-up to bee a bzzagent! They have so many different campaigns for everyone, you don't have to be a blogger or blogger, just have internet access. It's free!

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