Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes Review

I received these kiss lashes from my Influenster jadore vox box. They are light weight when I wear them and look, just like they claim, natural. I added a little tutorial pic. Lashes are not easy to apply and it takes practice and patience. Overall these lashes are great for beginners. When people try lashes for the first time they go all out, these would be great so they don't feel so unnatural.

Do you have any funny lash stories?


Boots Botanical Ionic Clay Mask Review

I received this mask from my Influenster jadore vox box.

I recommend shaking the bottle before use. The mask is thick with no exfoliates. No exfoliation is my only complaint, because I need that extra slough. It is fast drying which is great if you're in a hurry. The claim of taking away shine us true. It did take away a lot of shine. Which is great, because I have combination skin.
Overall I would recommend this mask to people who are on the oily side.
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Influenster Jadore Vox Box Review

Influenster is a company that sends out voxboxes full of nice things. Most are full of beauty products, but there are some other fun things too. This is my jadore voxbox that had a love theme.

Hershey kisses to share with the family.

Boots botanical mask

John Frieda 3 day straight.

Kiss so natural lashes

Red Rose Tea

And a bonus Vasaline spray for the hubby.

Over all I'm please with this box. It had a little bit of everything. My favorite out of all the box were the kiss lashes. I'm really surprised they were my favorite, because why I like fake lashes I don't wear them a lot because of the work.

Keep an eye out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and here on my blog for more details on each product. If you would like to receive your own box go check out http://www.influenster.com

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Disney Side Celebration - Mickey Game Night!

Thank you Disney Side Celebrations for being part of our Mickey Game Night. And providing us with fun Mickey Decor. 
Friday nights for us as a family are either game nights or movie nights. So we thought it would be perfect to include a little bit of Disney Magic. 

      We decorated right before game night with fun Mickey tablecloth, party decorations, 
      cups and napkins. As a centerpiece we used the cute Mickey cupcakes my sister made.

             We had kid friendly appetizers.

Yummy Pizza! You can never go wrong with pizza.

After dinner we had lots of fun decorating Mickey ears. A perfect DIY for a Mickey game night.

After the ear fun we had those yummy Mickey cupcakes.

Then it was time for the games! We play DisneyPicture bingo, Disney Trivia, and  fun with balloons.

During the whole night we listened to "now that's what I call Disney". We rented it from the library and would recommend it to every Disney fan. Best 50 cents spent ever!

Over all we had a fun Mickey Game night and would definitely add Disney to any game or movie night again. It just makes the experience more magical.

What would be your ideal Disney Side Celebration?

See ya real soon!