Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New L.A. Colors Eyshadow Trios

I was impressed by LA Colors Eyeshadow Trios before.  They are cheap and have great color payoff and staying power.  So when I saw these I got excited. I wanted to see if they were like the originals. These are the five I discovered at my local Dollar Tree Store.  I didn't purchase them all even though the price is right at $1 each. I need eyeshadow like a hole in the head lol. Forgive the quality of the photos I took them with my cell phone that's no iphone lol!

                                            Swatch Time!

 Water Lilly Trio: The blue and the pink were nice, shimmery and highly pigmented,
but the green was a bit to powdery and icy looking.
Orchid Trio: The Pink and the Peach were also too powdery. 
The Brown is highly pigmented and has nice shimmer.
The low down:
 I'm not as impressed with these as the originals, but there were a few colors that were great.  Then again if only one is great it's not that much of a lo$$.

 Don't underestimate the cheepies! Happy Shopping!

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