Monday, October 14, 2013

NYC Sparkle Eye dust Review

Hi guys long time no type I know! But I'm back and to review this shimmery eyeshadow I received from Influenster in my Paradise Vox Box.

NEW VERSION! What a difference!

Now for all you drugstore makeup collectors might have noticed, this is a revamp on the original eye dust. Which is a big improvement applicator wise! I had no idea until I started doing a bit of research that this is the same product! The eyeshadow is still a great product as the original. I'm a lover of loose eyeshadow or aka pigments, because there are so many possibilities with this kind of eyeshadow.


 As you can see by theses swatches is gives great color with one swipe. And the shimmer is not too over powering! But sad to say for makeup lovers as myself I use brushes so this sponge applicator, while better the the original, I just have no use for applicators. Now if you're  a simple gal then this is definitely a plus for you! As for the color, and quality of the shadow it is great and
I would buy more. Its smooth and easy to work with. To get more information about NYC's Sparkle Eye dust, check out their site.

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