Friday, October 26, 2012

The New Influenster!

From time to time you see video or blogs on products from the voxbox. If you ever wonder what it is and how I get it keep reading....

Influenster has changed a bit and hopefully for the positive!  More badges to earn which will hopefully equal more chances for a voxbox. The bigger your score the better! 

In case you aren't familiar with voxboxes, they are a box you earn with Influenster badges. The boxes can contain many different things from food to beauty. The most important thing is that it is totally free. The only thing I can see as being difficult for the average person is that some of your reviews include video or blogs.

Influenster has also changed to invite only and I have invitations if you want them. Let me know on comments here or twitter (even better!) . I will need your email. Serious people only please! First come first serve. Remember, you will need to review items on the site as well as a blog/blog.

Check out Influenster for your self!

The following video is an example of a VoxBox.

Happy Sampling!

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