Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Hand Care With Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream Review

If your hands are anything like mine you will need these little steps to nice smooth hands. After all I can't film with gross looking hands!

Step 1.
Scrub for the hands. It can be anything, even home made!


Step 2.
Pat dry.

Step 3.
Apply Neutrogena Hand Creme (Review Down Below)
Step 4.
Paint away! Hand Perfection!

And now for my review on the Neutrogena hand Cream:

These are the before! Keep in mind I already have dry body skin and wash my hands constantly. I work with kids!
Even after 1st application you can see the difference.  Since the consistency is thick it is pretty much waterproof.

This is after a week with no lotion other than a morning application of my body lotion. Most of my hang nails are healed and I don't have to apply as much hand cream.                                

Neutrogena states that, "while this classic product has proven itself among rugged outdoorsmen for decades, it's becoming a must-have for nail care enthusiasts, too. Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream helps heal dry cuticles and splitting nails to keep manicured hands looking beautiful. Its glycerin-rich formula can withstand nature's most demanding conditions and life's toughest activities to maintain healthy hands, nails and even lips." And I can see why!
Thank You BzzAgent and Neutrogena for sending me this hand cream to try I'm glad I did!

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  1. Hey Gina! Thanks for the product review. My hands get really dry in the wintertime, too. I really want to try Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Creme now. Too bad I was just at Target a couple hours ago. Darnit! I'll have to go back later this week and pick it up.