Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Crave Naturals Precisio Tweezers Review

I received theses tweezers for free in exchange for review. I was not paid, nor for my opinion. All opinions are my own.

Crave Naturals is a small beauty company. They believe in making quality beauty products that are simple to use in your beauty routine.

Nice packaging.

But was not happy about this. I know it's just the outside packaging, but for the price I think it should be  packaged better with care. The company is aware of this and the other pictures I'm going to show you . They were not happy and are currently correcting this problem. 

Once again package nicely, so there is no damage.

The finish on these is not great. I've had a black pair of tweezers before and mine only got like this after years of use. This is what they are trying to correct.

Now let's talk about how well the tweezers work.

The tweezers are nice sturdy and sharp. They pluck out all hairs. The thick ones as well as those tiny ones only yourself can see. The slant tip is great because you can turn it in whatever direction you want to pluck.

Over all the tweezers work great. For the price $19.99 the packaging as well as the finish has to be fixed ASAP!

Thank you crave naturals for letting me try these out. If you want to check out the tweezers or any of the other products they offer go to:

Happy Shopping!

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