Sunday, September 20, 2015

Organic Jojoba Oil by Leven Rose Review

I've never used jojoba oil on its own before. But, it's frequently in products I use. So, I was curious to try it as a pure jojoba oil (*).  The leven rose jojoba oil is 100% organic jojoba oil, made in the USA.

The bottle is a great value! It huge! 4 oz.  I have personally used it for my hair, as well as my daughters hair. I've used it 3 ways. Mixed in with conditioner, mixed in with leave in conditioner, and on its own it wet hair. All ways work really well, you can't go wrong. The jojoba oil has no scent and is medium thickness, and is a yellow color. It's nice because it's not running everywhere, making a mess. I love that I can easily distribute it into my hair without it being oily.

Me and my daughter have slightly different hair types, and it works well for both of us. She has super long thick straight hair. And I have long thick, damaged, curly hair. I'm sure any hair type can use it. I can also be used to moisturize the body and face. I think I'll be trying it out on my body soon.

You can check out Leven Rose Products and the jojoba oil and

*I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review*

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