Friday, October 2, 2015

31 Days of Halloween Giveaway Week 1 | YouTube 5 Year anniversary!

I have been on youtube for 5 years, officially September 20! I always celebrate with a giveaway every year. Since I'm doing 31 Days of Halloween I thought it would just have a my giveaway now!

This is week one! Just collect my "Spooky Words" to create my "Spooky Sentence" Every Spooky Word" Will be marked on the actual video. You have to watch the entire video to get the spooky word. You could win an $25 Amazon Ecard!

Good Luck!

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  1. I m so excited for this!! Halloween

  2. Favorite part is dressing what you wanna be and share it with your friends.

  3. My favorite part of Halloween is the general vibe it gives. I love creepy stuff, always have and that's exactly what Halloween gives you, creepy shows, movies, food, costumes. I really couldn't pick just one thing about Halloween that I like the most. It's always been my favorite holiday and it always will be. Have a happy halloween!

  4. Your videos are fun to watch!

  5. Dressing up and handing out candy to the kids

  6. Dressing up and handing out candy to the kids