Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm Back!

Sorry for the super long post. I hope it's interesting and informative. And no this isn't because someone askes me to talk about, it's just some stuff that I wanted to share with you.- ;)

Okay so its only fair to my few readers to be blogging again as well as working on YouTube. So let me say hopefully I'll be posting at least two a week.

Let's start with a run down of my life if you don't already know. I work full time with children. Have to tend to my home and family. I have 2 children a boy age, 8 about to be nine, a girl age 4 just started preschool, and a step daughter age 16. Just a FYI about my children I choose not to show them in anything I do. Me and my husband do it for the safety of them. Will this change? I'm not certain. I also do YouTube videos, blog, tweet, Facebook, Pinterest, ect...( the fun part).

Now to talk about why I was absent from internet anything... I've been sick for about 4 months now. I'm still not going reveal what exactly it is at this point, just because I do want to share everything at once to help other people. But don't worry its nothing huge or serious. But it was bad enough to take up all if my sick and vacation time and then some. At my worst point I could barley do anything by myself. But now I'm managing with a lot if help from my husband, easy meals and( I know bad) take out, and turning a blind eye to messes. I try and get out much more than I did. Painfully I move on with my life. I just want normality in my life, that's why I decided to come back. During my really hard days, anything beauty related was the last thing on my mind. God just picked me up and said lets move on.

My life and financial situation always changes. So if you think beauty people on YouTube don't know what you're going thru, you're wrong. There have truly been times in my life where we've barely made it through a month, let along to think of even buying a cheap nailpolish. What I show you discounts, couponing, and all is real.

From all this my true dream would be just to do the whole YouTube thing, and be there for my family. But truth be told YouTube only pays well if you are lucky. Theres two strikes against me I'm older about to turn 33 and plus size. While some people complain that others on YouTube use too many high end products and are too young or immature, they are still watching them. I do too. The truth is young, bubbly, and attractive sells. There is so much competition out there. There's always room for the next person. But I seriously love YouTube and the whole idea behind it... type in anything and it's there at your disposal real people, real ideas, some real opinions LOL.

Okay, so I know you're not asking, and it might be in bad taste. I'm going to put it out there. I don't make any money off of YouTube or get any sponsors or get any products for free. Would I like to? Yes of coarse, who wouldn't? Will that change? Only the Lord knows.

 I truly want to show everyone that does watch or read that no matter how much your making you really can be on trend just with a little more effort than people who can go out and buy whatever they want. I love makeup and it truly is an art form. Anyone at any status or level can learn how to do amazing things with it.

Sorry, but I've been watching Julie & Julia and it just inspired me to really talk to you guys. Hope you don't mind and, "Is there somebody out there? "-Julie

Lots of love and happy shopping!

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