Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nail Products that flopped!

I am beginning to explore many different nail products. And there are some that are just a fail for me.

1. Nail stickers- not the decals, but the full nail stickers that try to pass for Sally Hansen. These dont apply well and just don't stay on. I've tried many different types. Cute but don't work.

2. Wet and Wild dollar polishes.
These just don't stay on my nails. They have great colors but they just don't.  The only polishes in this line that seem to work are the glitters.

3. Nail Caviar. While it's a super cute way to do your nails it just doesn't stay. While it doesn't take much effort to do it. Paint, put micro balls on, and the top coat. It just feels weird to me and gets caught on things. Granted I'm really rough on my nails. Also, people might lead you to believe it lasts your whole manicure time I give it 1- days if that!

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