Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nails Of The Week- Not Your Kids DS! Featuring OPI

<p>This OPI is one of the most expensive nailpolish I've ever purchased at $12.50 . This color DS Magic is part of their diamond dust collection. Yes, there is suppose
to be finely crushed up diamonds in it! The diamond dust looks and feels different then shimmer or glitter. When I was starring at it in Planet Beauty I really couldn't figure out what was in it. I finally asked what it was and she nicely explained it to me. I chose this blue and purple duo chrome stricktly because it was gorgeous. The only dissapointing thing about it was that on the nail you just can't see the purple. None the less you are still getting OPI quality and I'm still happy. It really is a gorgeous blue. Would I buy another? No way! Unless I saw it on clearance. I just can't justify the price.<br>
Happy Painting! </p>


  1. the colors are so pretty!!! xDDD
    but i never tried OPI, how is the quality particularly good? 0.0?

  2. que hermosos colores, el violeta metalizado es genial. Gracias x tu sorteo ya quiero ganar!

  3. OPI is one of my favorites for Limited Editions. I don't buy much of their regular collection. They are pricey so LE's are good enough for me. I haven't met an OPI I didn't like great wear and color.