Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kiss Everlasting French Manicure Review

I was reluctant to try these nails I received in my Influenster Spring Fling Vox Box. But I did it anyway. The tabs at the top make it easy to try and match up each nail. I wish they would make double of some numbers, because four of my nails are the same size. After arranging them you just glue them on and twist off the little tab at the top. The glue is nice, because it is a gel not regular nail glue. The nail glue is not runny, so you don't have to worry about getting nail glue all over. The nails look good on like you got them done. I would recommend these to those that like these types of nails. I would also recommend these to a person who doesn't have time to go get a manicure before a big event or short on money. You can find these anywhere kiss products are sold.


Inside Package

Complete French Manicure

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