Thursday, January 29, 2015

Exfolimate Review

I was interested and a little scared to try exfolimate. As I've gotten older I have realized how important it is to exfoliate. Dry skin can make you look older. Each exfoliating tool is a white strong piece of plastic with a stainless steel edge with micro grooves to exfoliate skin. Each tool has a red plastic cord to wrap around the wrist so you won't drop it in the shower.

It is recommend to use in the shower but it seems ok to use out of the shower as long as your skin is wet. When you use it, you don't think anything is really happening. But when you lift it up you can see the water from your skin as well as dry skin particles. Gross yet fascinating! Your skin feels super smooth without any lotion or oils. This would be great to use before home self tanning products.

Now that I have used it on my body I would use it on my face with just a light pressure. I'm not scared anymore and would recommend this to anyone. This would also be great for someone with sensitive skin that can't use micro exfoliators ect.. I'm really excited to use this more, I'm so glad I tried it!

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