Monday, January 19, 2015

Insta Natural Vitamin C Moisturizer

 Since I have been on an all natural face regimen I wanted to try out a moisturizer. Insta Natural was a perfect fit for my needs. The bottle is pretty big, 14 fl oz. !

I love the little things, like a pump tab to keep it closed completely and to stay mess free.

This moisturizer is about medium thick. I have tried thinner and thicker moisturizers before. It quickly absorbs and doesn't leave any stickiness or greasy feeling. There is also no real scent.

I like using this right now in the winter for my dry skin. But I might have to use it just at night when the warmer months come calling. My skin is oily to combination and while it doesn't leave me oily now, it might in the future because of weather change. As of right now Im happy. Especially, because it's all natural and my skin like that.

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