Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gillette Venus Embrace Review

I loved the Gillette Venus Embrace for shaving my legs!

The Venus Embrace razor has five blades for a close smooth shave. The blade refills fit any Venus handle so you pick you favorite one without having to purchase a whole new razor. The blades move easily so there are no nicks after shaving.  Just smooth legs! So you might be thinking the price is up there but, with having versatility, they are worth every penny. And there are always coupons! ;)

I chose the Venus & Olay blade refills that have Olay Moisture Bars right on the blades, that contain skin conditioners really helped moisturize my dry legs. I'm pretty sure the other blades are just as good, but I just need the moisturizer.

Thank You Infuenster and Gillette for letting my try this great razor.
Happy Shaving!

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