Friday, December 28, 2012

Head & Shoulders Damage Rescue Review

Damage Rescue Review

It has taken people a while to discover that healthy hair starts at the roots! Head & Shoulders  figured that a long time ago and has improved and expanded their products. The product I was able to check out that I received from Influenster was Damage Rescue. The Head & Shoulders Damage Rescue system I supposed to  nurture the scalp & dry damaged hair with intensive care, leaving hair up to 10X Stronger in Just Four Washes. 

Since changing up the way I take care of my hair I have discovered that if you treat your hair nicely form root to tip your hair grows and acts the way it's supposed to.  I wash my hair every other day or more to keep essential oils that my curly hair needs.  So, I made sure to use Head & Shoulders Damage Rescue for a little over two weeks to do a real review.  

The Damage rescue shampoo and conditioner has really helped my winter dry scalp. It took away the flakes and my scalp just felt better.  The down side for me is that I don't feel any extra moisture when I get out of the shower. With my regular shampoo and conditioner I can really feel the softness when I get out of the shower. But, after I style my hair after using the Head & Shoulders shampoo and Conditinoer it feels fine. Over all if you're looking to help out your scalps health, this is a great product for you.

Happy Washing!

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