Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hoo-Rag Headwear Review

I am always looking of new ideas on easy ways to deal with my mop. The Hoo-rag is perfect for that. The Hoo-Rag is intended for sports enthusiasts, but when these get out the very day joe and jane they are going to explode. I can see anyone wearing these.

The hoo-rag is very versatile. I used it in so many ways. And there are even more way to use it than what I have shown.

The wide headband. 
For those ladies who are more bold. It gives more of a rocker vibe.


Bun with wide head band. 
It's great way to make a bun exiting.

Small headband. 
Great for holding down all those little fly aways.

The bun. 
Using the Hoo-Rag to actually hold a bun gives your bun a bit more color!

The pony.
Yeah I kinda felt the scrunchy vibe. But once I adjusted it, it looked good.

The bandit!
This is a use for the Hoo-rag.
But more for use in sever weather, you can still look good.

I have to admit I have somewhat of a large head, so when I first started using the Hoo-Rag it was a little tight. After a while it started loosening up and now I can use it any way. So if you have that situation, I recommend stretching it out a bit first. The Hoo-Rag stays on great and isn't going anywhere, even if you active. The material is made out of  polyester micro fiber. That helps keep moisture aways, as well as protects you form the sun (Rated 30 UPF).

The Hoo-Rag has many styles to choose from. I thought this one was feminine and I loved the sugar skull. They also make custom Hoo-Rags which is great!

I had fun giveaway on my Facebook that ended 5/21 
The winner is Donna Porter!

Thanks to Hoo-Rag for letting me and one lucky reader try one out!


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