Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vita Sciences Maxasorb Vitamin D Review

I have a Vitamin D deficiency. Still to this day not sure why, because I'm outside every day. My body attacks itself. It is painful as well as makes my body swell. So I should be taking Vitamin D everyday, but I do slack. I feel when I need it and it gets me back in line. So when I saw that Vita Sciences had another Maxasorb product (Vitamin D) I wanted to try it. I don't think people really understand how important Vitamin D is until your body is being affected.

                                     This is the product packaging so you can see it close up.

 The product comes out nicely form the pump. And You only need 1 pump 2 times a day.

The lotion is white and not watery. Also with no scent. It absorbs quickly and made my skin feel soft and moisturized.  

I have yet to feel if it's helping. But once again I had Vitamin D deficiency. I just feel like it's an added extra to keeping that vitamin D up!

So if you need more Vitamin D in your life give it a try!

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