Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Paracord Survival Bracelet Review

I was very interested in reviewing this paracord survival bracelet once I read what it could be used for. You can keep the bracelet on you when you are hiking or outdoors. Men cloud wear this at all time and you would never know what it was. The bracelet itself is sturdy. You can use this bracelet for unexpected emergencies such as tying a ten, a tournquite, keeping things off the ground, fix a broken shoe lace, and much more. My husband is very into being prepared for disasters so he was pretty happy about it. 

The bracelet is fastened with sturdy plastic parts, but are comfortable of the skin.  The cord is sturdy and doesn't irritated the skin when worn.

And if no one in the family wants to wear it. it can be stored anywhere, because its small. You can put in a glove box, a purse, clip it on a back pack , or camping gear. Best of all if it breaks there is a lifetime warranty!

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