Monday, April 13, 2015

Refresh Skin Therapy Eye Recovery Serum Review

Check out one of my latest videos to see my First impressions of this Recovery Eye Serum.

Now that you'e checked out my video you can take a peek at some more pics here!

Refresh eyes serum has the cutest packaging!

It is a clear serum, with medium consistency. 

This is the little plastic nozzle I mention in the video. It's just extra step, but well worth it!

Th "L" shaped lock is perefect if you have children that might want to play with this product. Or great for traveling., You won't have to worry about the mess!

The serum it self might not look like much but it smoothes the skin very nicely!

Let's face it, packaging sells a lot of products. Weather they are good or bad. But in this case you get cuteness and quality! Go ahead and give this cut little guy a try!

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