Sunday, June 14, 2015

Booty Fresh Review

Yes, I had to try out Booty Fresh for review (*) out of total curiosity!!! At first 
I thought the product was going to be more like the brand poo pourri. You know, the cool little spray that you spray before using the toilet. No, this is nothing like it! You spray this spray directly to your butt area then either wipe it off or take a shower. 

Now, the purpose of this spray is to keep our butt area smelling, well, like nothing. Just fresh, non stinking booty! Let me tell you I tried it and it does work. The spray neutralizes bacteria that is absorbed into the skin. Now, I never felt like I had a booty smelling problem, but after use I did feel fresher. The spray last for about three days. I'm pretty sure now that the summer is heating up, it will last a little bit shorter. The spray its self doesn't smell. 
I have not had any skin sensitivity to it. So if you feel in need of 1this product, especially during the hot summer try it out. It works!


*This review was in return for this product, for 100% honest review.

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