Sunday, June 14, 2015

La Lune Naturals Bentonite Indian Healing Clay Mask Review

I've been wanting to try out an Indian helping clay for  a while. I've heard the mask does wonders for the skin. lacuna naturals offers a big container that will last a long time.

There is a scoop inside the powder, which is great for measuring. And by trial and error, not great for mixing with. 

The mixture that states on the container is great. But I feel it can be shared between two people. I had a lot left over. The product is thick and has no smell. Even though its is thick it isn't difficult to apply.

I felt is tightening after a while. For my skin I should've know better not to leave it on for  so long. I'm pretty sensitive to masks. It left a little bit of red on my cheeks. And  being the greatest blogger that I am, I took picture of after (being totally sarcastic).  Btu thankfully a couple minutes later my skin calmed down. I skin was clean and soft. The only downside for me is that I did get little break outs. But I'm only assuming because of my skin being cleaned out. The next day my skin went back to normal.  I will be using this over and over again. I really liked the end results. I felt like my whole skin and makeup routine turned out better.



 *Review for product, 100% honest review.

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